Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 9

Here at Calvin they made us all forget our passwords.
So I was not going to post anything noteworthy and perhaps only make an announcement.
But I created a new word.

Therefore, I feel I may be making a movie for the next few days. The originality of thought I believe will be coming from structuring something around (not mine) music. I guess it will be a slide-show, but my hopes are wrestling with that title to make creative something more. Here may be some of what follows.

It may be a little before I get caught up with the days, but it is more so the process of posting than anything else hanging me, and possibly us, up. Again, what comes next does not arise from my thought, but has flooded my thoughts, and I hope that that is enough for that that we consider:
The only news I know
Is bulletins all day
From Immortality.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Day 9

Today I wanted to make a present for a friend! I made some rubber stamps by cutting shapes out of an old inner-tube and gluing them to bottle tops. Super cool, i would have taken a picture but i had to leave in a hurry, so I delivered them and was on my way. I started with a heart, then moved on to a smiley face, then a really complicated lightbulb, then a big peace sign that covered the entire bottle top. The cutting got smaller and complicated, then the peace sign was different.

I also made an ink pad by tearing a big strip off an old t-shirt, folding it up into a pad, making an inky wet spot in the middle, and putting it in an old cassette case, crafty...

I wanted to make a present because i dissapointed my friend Abrina. I've been thinking about reconciliatory gifts. I think they address one of the following issues
1. The injured person is incovenienced or displeased in some way
2. The injured person doubts your love for them

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 8

When a creative act is complete, it is Perfect.
Perhaps it is Perfect in every moment of it's production, for it exists precisely as it should.
I've often been told not to let Perfect get in the way of good.
How does that Perfection apply to the creative act?
At what stage of its perfection, is it complete?

On a more blithe note, we chalked the campus with interesting words and pictures. it was really fun.





also in the oddity of
a fallish feeling
and floor lain
from friend E.
i guess i felt some love

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 7

Without question, Day 7 has been exceptionally long. It's only fitting to the idea of a waking life that the title of a day is but a pseudonym of a period of time during which one is a awake. The actions of Day 6 continue to bleed through the days, perhaps stagnating, perhaps fermenting. In it's penultimate stage, it can stand alone.

an exceptional person. she thinks, feels and exists in a way that is very rare. She has a boldy ostentatious character, she's free from typical constraints of feminity or even youth, insecurity or self-consciousness. Not by any accident but by a deliberate and brave war on doubt and fear. a war waged with love. There is an infinite reserve of love within each of us. so radiates that love, and with that light she can see the love that surrounds her. because all is full of love. She is possessed of a creative genius, manifest in her love of the arts, her theatricality and highly animated way of communicating. She is also very confused, she would'nt be that interesting if she was'nt. She stands out because she is a classical human. She transcends her time by feeling and seeing a greater brilliance behind life, the world and existence. she was awesome, She was a teacher, and the love of my life. Anarchy as she sees it is not an angry backlash, or an adolescent frustration, but a utopian concept. In a utopian anarchy we would love and care for each other, and wouldnt need to be protected from our fellow people by an institution of government. She was very kind, she loved to cuddle, to cook, to eat. In that sense She was a loving rebel. She played the saw and sang for a band, she wrote poetry and she painted. All these things that she did, she did for others. she did to share. she was a maternal figure. She Refused to be validated by terms other than her own. She was curious and she was a wonderer. She was also very unsure of her purpose and her needs. Despite her uncertainty she was anything but complacent. making every effort to push against the trite and vapid rigmarole that can permeate life. A seeker and adventurer who has found many things but not yet what she is looking for. Brazenly drawing attention to herself. Never has she struggled to feel validated or justified in her actions. She moves and acts without doubt or second guessing. Opinions and feelings are strong, they are noticable, and often unflinching. Being that self-affirming gives her a capacity for great spontaneity. decisiveness in a very creative way. She's an attractive person to be around because she is honest and raw. Her brilliance is rooted in her ability to affirm herself by the certainty and strength of her presence in the world. His brilliance is in his effort to reconcile the two, and persisting to regard the greatest conclusions as questions, and the simplest questions as beauty. He has a sharp wit, fanciful sarcasm, and a great appreciation for all thoughts abstract or ponderous. The most positive of questioning, the Profound awareness of how wondrous his world, consciousness and reality is. An indomitable lover, creator and healer. He's a 21st century male, the cutting edge of the masculine gender. Understanding a fluid concept of gender and seperating it from the obligations of being male-bodied. He has a strong libido and sexual magnetism. yet he understands the concept of positive, nurturing sexuality and does not make a commodity of it. He cares and knows what he presents for the world, and he cares for his happiness. He values the thing that bring him joy. He is a prophet of the waking life. Striking out with lashes of fascination and wonder. He believes in his capacity for understanding. believes in our ability to understand each other. believes in the divinity of the creative act.

anniversaire katrina

belonging to our previous days' words

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 6

In 4 or 5 trees

i ran from the library into the pour
to get my sweatshirt dry
to be sure that i wasn't cold

she was quiet down the street from my apartment
i soddened when i returned

I spent several hours working on a little film project
As i don't have a product, i don't have anything to report on except for the process
It's a very product-centered project though, should be finished tomorrow, It's about me and you

On Day 5, Lander Hultin started reporting

Monday, September 24, 2007

Day 5

Though more photos will follow, it seems follow moreso that words will be introductory. In a frustrating read of Julian of Norwich--due to the inability to appreciate her true motherly and emotional perspectives of Christ--I read "I it am that thou lovest."
Truly what we love is what we love, inside of us we love what we love, and we love others because of their otherness by seeing what we love in them.
And to see this in unexpected and breathing ways I would also like to suggest a reading of The Road by Cormac McCarthy.
Due to the other of this: 'I wrapped it in an essay I wrote about it'

Today i was eating a meal in a booth, a booth for four, but i was the only one there. On this day someone came and sat down in the booth across from me and when i say the booth across from me i don't mean in my booth facing me, i mean one booth over, facing me. It isn't an uncommon thing to witness or commit and i'd never really given it much thought but i was in a particularly ponderous mood and
The empty seat. The one i had before me. Was also right in front of him.
What was evident, clear! was that

we were inextricably seperated by the option of company.

Today i watched a video about Andy Goldsworthy in which he spent many hours working on a piece of art, made of natural, found materials, outdoors, in the winter, which is magnificent in it's own right. It was a precarious and intricate structure of twigs held together by thorns, it hung like a spiders web between the branch and trunk of a tree, spanning eight feet. He pushed it to the greatest limit of structural independence by continuing to build where some may have erred on caution, it caught the wind and began falling towards him but he caught it with his right hand. It was clearly moribund, something vital to it's structural integrity had been inexplicably damaged but in limbo it held a vestigial beauty sustained only by his intervention. He had it there, held, for as long as he wished in the palm of his hand, for as long as he wished. With a gentle, deliberate grace he let it go and sat down with furrowed brow, surrounded by the debris of his creation. He said,

i am so amazed at times that i am actually alive

i reflected on it and was pleased!
he was amazed that he was alive, he was alive because he was amazed.

Several days ago i had a conversation with my Professor Sally Green about creative writing. She asked, are you a writer? i said, i have in the past, but not currently, i write a lot of essays, but that's different. She told me that essay writing is creative writing. Of course it is! i don't know how i could have overlooked that,

The creative act pervades everything

As i had been trying to reconcile my creative life with my academic one i forgot to see how the two were intrinsically interconnected. Are mathematics infused with creativity?
How could they not be?

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 4

4 days into this, I realize a dichotomy between other, rigmarole procedures of my day, and other, more creative occupations. Today i had an amazing thought. The creative act must supersede all else because it is the Super-Seed of all else! WOW!

As an extension of that, the doing will supersede the reporting.

I finished the vortex bottle

It's small, but it works. What's really groovy is that they're just superglued at the ends, so you can see the water doing its thing in the middle. It also looks strikingly like drug paraphernalia, enough so that I considered not having it out. I'm not going to let drug culture hijack a beautiful and nostagic novelty though, so it stays on the shelf.


Day 3

If they don't respect your body, take it to the streets

Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 2

Today i Made a little bracelet out of cattails for Morgan, not exactly innovative but exciting because the technique gets a little better every time. So this was the best one yet. I have some milkweed that I'm drying out, that makes brilliant string.

I started a little craft project, trying to make one of those little vortex bottles. Did'nt work out, the hole was'nt big enough, and the seal between the two broke. I'm not giving up though.

Julia, Morgan, and I Put this sign by the highway,

Julia has a great dress, Bellissimo

Then Morgan and I explored a River

Morgan's a little amazing

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 1

First day, Uno.

Q: What's going on here!?
A: Something Creative, hopefully every day

This idea came to me from Daniel Ibanez, my Teacher. I was thinking about some details of the project and the name Waking Life came to me. I thought about it, and found it had enough implications for its purpose.

What did I do Today?
I finalized some of the pictures that Morgan and I took on Sunday.

They are:

I like this one because of that little blue in the upper left which gives scale to the landscape. I also like the saturated yellows and Morgan. It's really bright and warm.

This one because of the strong horizontals, and the grass in the foreground covering Morgan up. I don't know why that grass is so great, it just is. The sky is wonderful and the mountains also look like some tropical island.

This one is more incidental, I like the colors, but overall not that interesting

This little bee type thing was great, he got in on the flower and just did exactly what he needed to do. Makes a nice desktop.

I did this one too, not much to say about it

I also wrote a proverb (2 days ago):

"To feel true affection, one must be naive"


"Never Forgive yourself for Loving"

I like the proverb because it's personal and reflects the thought that lately i've been witheld in romance. :) Inspired by a lecture by Ty Tashiro and something I read in a book by Enrique Martinez Celaya, that the world is beautiful and unforgiving.

I don't know if i'll always write supplementary words, or if i should. In time it may be that i'm just making a simulacrum of creativity to validate myself.
Let's not DOUBT!
Live! Believe!